How to have it all

We live in a time when working and fulfilling family commitments are no longer an either/or option for women. We understand the importance of financial independence, building lifelong careers and earning potential while also making a house a home and looking after our partners and raising children.

How do we achieve all this without falling into a pit of stress and become an emotional worn out tired mess?

Life, no matter where you are on its journey, requires mental and physical fortitude. It requires a nervous system of steel and balanced hormones that work for you, not against you. It requires you to know your strength and role as a woman no matter what your age or circumstances. Most importantly, it requires being able to keep a sense of humour because you know how to step back and understand the bigger picture.

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Coming soon, an online 6-week course

Suitable for every woman from puberty to menopause. It will give you a toolkit to know:

  • What to do when you need energy

  • How to turn off stress

  • How to get a good night’s sleep

  • Balance your hormones

  • Build intuition

  • Support you to create a prosperous life

Meditation for life

As women, we would all like less stress, more time, more energy, greater peace of mind and a shorter to-do list.

Research shows meditation can go a long way to supply the above, but we don’t get around to it: Not enough time, not enough understanding, not enough motivation to create a new health habit.

So as much as we hope something changes, nothing does.

Meditation and mindfulness is just a habit and, like anything you wish to do regularly, the key is to just start. All we need is the correct information, understanding and motivation.

This is a tool kit specifically geared to the needs of women.

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This life changing course covers


Not understanding how to activate the stores of energy sitting in your body is like sitting next to a well and dying of thirst. When our energy stores get depleted, that’s when stress and ill health move in. Learn the tools and be your own energy provider.


Everything is just energy vibrating. Learn how to change your vibrational frequency to align with the vibration of your purpose, goals and desires. Create prosperity in every area of your life.


Tap into an internal guidance system that never lets you down. When your intuition is highly tuned, you become a magnet for people and situations that are right for you, so you can reach your highest potential.


We should easily fall asleep and sleep throughout the night. Then we wake up refreshed and jump out of bed ready to start the day. There is an excellent breathing technique and 4 simple exercises that can support us to sleep.

Disease Prevention

We don’t just wake up one morning with something a doctor can put a name to. It’s a journey to get there and usually a long one. Learn how your body speaks to you along that journey and is telling you what it needs.


Hormones and your glandular system are the guardians of your health. Learn how to make them work for you. From puberty to menopause there are Kundalini yoga and meditations that keep you at the top of your game, vibrant, balanced and loving life.

Our 6 week course could be the answer

More details coming soon. In the meantime, register your interest in our online course.

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