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Ongoing support for workplace wellbeing

Any organisation serious about Wellness needs to provide an ongoing approach to Mindfulness and Meditation plus constantly update knowledge about health and how to maintain it. The Mindful concepts presented in the core workshops will be new to staff and back up support will be required to keep the focus on practising these new habits. Mindfulness and Meditation is just a habit but it takes practice to put it in place.

Our default mode is to go back to what we know. Life is too busy to change. Everyone needs support to build the neural pathways to the frontal lobe where our higher reasoning sits. As we practice the skills of Meditation and Mindfulness research shows the grey matter of this part of the brain becomes denser and there is more activity. This is when the mind slows down, space is created and we can begin to choose how we react to everyday life.

workplace wellness snacks

Life is not about what happens to us it is about how we react to what happens to us.

Viktor Frankl – Psychiatrist / Auschwitz survivor /author

The Wellness Snacks

The Wellness Snacks offer an on-going program
and can be tailored to the interests of your organisation.

Each snack goes for 45 minutes.

Take a Brain Break

Throughout the day we need to take a break to reset and recharge our minds. This wellness snack will provide you with space to observe your mind and body, reconnect to your senses and discover peace and calm throughout the day. This meditation balances the brain and relieves stress. It takes only 3-11 minutes but it has a profound effect.

You are as young as your spine

The 72,000 nerves in the body draw energy from the 26 vertebrae in the spine. When your spine is rigid energy cannot flow freely. Have you noticed that age and rigidity seem to go together? Here’s a set of yogic exercises to help make your spine flexible and strengthen important nerve centres in the spine.

Conquer your mind

The mind is a monster when it is your master and an angel when it is your servant. Understand about your three minds – Positive, Negative and Neutral – and how they work. Plus, a wellness snack to sharpen your mind for powerful clarity, decision making and negotiation skills.

Breathing techniques to turn off stress

The Mind will always follow the breath. This is a powerful basic breath series that everyone should know and practice to create energy, turn off stress and control the monkey mind throughout the day. A must-do Wellness Snack.

Wake up and nail the day

Life is not about what happens to you throughout the day, it’s about how you react to what happens to you throughout the day. Set yourself up with 5 minutes of Yogic exercises and 5 minutes of meditation for an amazing day where you choose how to physically, emotionally and mentally respond to life.

Six steps to conquer sleep

This Wellness Information Snack includes a few simple yoga exercises to do before bed, breathing and a powerful meditation to dream a dreamless sleep. They work.

Change your life with an attitude of Gratitude

This is a simple but powerful happiness intervention. Gratitude opens the door to abundance and ignites creativity. Forgiveness is letting go of resentment, anger, hostility and judgement. Nelson Mandela once said holding onto resentment is like drinking poison and hoping it will kill your enemy – it doesn’t work. Learn how to activate the Gratitude button in your life, stand back and watch it go to work.

An intuition tune-up

We deal with more information in a year than some eras dealt with in a life-time. Intuition is the key and antidote to the Digital Age. Awaken your internal guidance system that enables you to navigate the information overload we deal with daily and make great decisions daily. Intuition is the most powerful tool we possess and an internal guidance system that never lets you down. Tune in.

Meditation and Vegan Cooking workshop

Kay and Jane run a combined workshop that is fun and a highly informative health event for small – medium groups. Kay kicks off with a 101 mindfulness, stress and vitality workshop with plenty of practical tools to take away. Followed by Jane, the Marie Kondo of the kitchen. She teaches how to turn your fridge into an efficient, healthy meal producing machine. Jane gives amazing but simple, life changing techniques to produce and fill your fridge with fast, healthy plant based meals.

Suitable for workplace events with a kitchen or come to our beautiful studios on the Peninsula.

“One of her greatest skills is to make health and mindfulness accessible and relevant – she presents the concepts simply and grounded
in real life. She is truly warm, funny, honest and accessible as a presenter. She is trusted and respected and the feedback we receive from her
sessions is outstanding.”

Rebecca Smith, Workplace Program Manager Smiling Mind

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