How mindfulness and meditation can support your employees through COVID-19

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Workshops now available online

As this pandemic progresses it will become increasingly difficult for people isolated or with family and children at home to stay mentally balanced and emotionally calm. Especially if they are trying to work from home and deal with new financial hardship.

However this pandemic plays out over the next six months, it is going to get harder before it gets easier.

There is no doubt the skills of mindfulness and meditation are the new superpowers to support us through these unprecedented times. These skills enable us to step back from our minds and not get drenched in our emotions, fears and anxieties. They allow us to become an observer of our thoughts and decide how we wish to respond to what life is throwing at us right now.

Workshops to get your team working well together, remotely.

Virtual workshops are 45 minutes in length.

Valued at $1500 per workshop, now only $495.

There’s no limit to the number of people who can virtually attend. All group sizes are welcome.

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Harness the tools of meditation for workplace wellbeing

Kay has worked with the highly successful app, Smiling Mind, for the past 5 years and shares her vast knowledge on how these skills will benefit your workforce.

Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, burnout and absenteeism at work. Workplaces that promote mental wellbeing report increased productivity and improved employee engagement and retention.

The structured yet flexible workshops are designed to get your audience to understand the ‘why’ of mindfulness and experience the benefits for themselves.

So what is it about mindfulness?

The key to starting
is to just start

Meditation and mindfulness are habits and the key to success is to start. Kay Watts motivates your audience by offering insights and practical strategies so everyone can look after their mental health.

The workshops are scientific, realistic, entertaining, humorous and authentic. Everyone leaves with a tool kit to get started and a smile on their face.

Workplace mindfulness workshops

We offer a series of workshops that can be delivered on their own or combined to reinforce the key messages and practical tools. Each one is designed to engage, motivate, entertain and inspire participants to adapt the skills of mindfulness and meditation in their everyday life and create new mental health habits.

These workshops cover topics of mental wellbeing, stress, gratitude, resilience and physical health and vitality. They can be tailored to suit your needs and run between 60-90minutes each.

corporate wellness program


101 Mindfulness and Meditation

Understand how the normal pressures of life turn into stress and how mindfulness and meditation can keep you in the “sweet spot” of performance, enjoying life and all its commitments. 

stress vitality workshop


Stress, Vitality and Relaxation

We will focus on stress, how to recognise it, turn it off, and create the change everyone is seeking.


Clear and Focused

Learn how to manage your thoughts and emotions to unlock the full potential and creativity of the mind. We learn the tools to be in control of our minds rather than our minds being in control of us.

employee connection workshop


Creative Communication

Mindfulness and Meditation brings us to a greater place of authenticity and self awareness. We need to start with ourselves first to bring more authenticity, connection and leadership to our relationships at work and life.

workplace health challenge


40 days and 40 nights’ Health Challenge

It takes 40 days to create or break a new health habit. Everyone chooses their own challenge but enjoys the fun of a team event. Stand alone or run alongside the other workshops.

wellness workshops


Wellness Snacks

Any organisation serious about wellness needs to provide an on-going approach to Mindfulness and Meditation plus constantly update knowledge about health and how to maintain it. Find out more >

“I am likely to positively change my practice in the future as a result of having attended this workshop.”

– 22 of 26 participants strongly agreed to this question, Chisholm Staff Conference 2018

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