Meditation – NO TIME!

Have you never found the time to meditate? I’ve got the perfect, short, 3-minute meditation for you to listen to today, to relieve stress, fear and tension and leave you feeling calm. Because who doesn’t need to stay calm and relaxed right now? Meditation is just a habit and the key to success is to start. You just need a simple tool-kit of techniques to get you [...]

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2 Minute Meditation

  This is a magical practice to do when worried, upset, don't know what to do or just feel like emotionally freaking out. After 2 minutes of this, the thoughts that set you off will still be there but there will be no emotional reaction to them.  

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How to make meditation your new daily health habit

My journey with meditation has been long and torturous. I started and stopped too many times to count, But I now meditate every day. Here’s what made that happen. Over 30 years I gave myself every reason not to do it. It just didn’t work for me. I couldn’t stop my mind from thinking. It wasn’t until I finally understood the following 3 reasons to meditate was [...]

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