About Kay Watts

Meditation for life

My mission is to give you the tools to improve your mental wellbeing.

It was only when I was lying flat on my back in bed, unable to get up, that I realised the constant pressure I was operating at was unsustainable. Life seemed to be a never ending hassle and hustle.

I’d reached a point of insomnia and total burnout – a result of trying to push through with sheer brute force and willpower alone. I had no energy or peace of mind and my body shut down, forcing me to look at what was going on.

I realised that while I was looking after my physical health, I hadn’t even thought about the role my mind played in my health. I was constantly switched on, with multiple mental tabs open and hundreds of tasks vying for my attention.

Just like a computer that’s overworked and overloaded, my mind needed a reboot.

Unlike a computer, however, this wasn’t as simple as flicking a switch.

As a complementary health practitioner and lecturer, mindfulness and meditation was the only thing I hadn’t seriously tried. I’d started and stopped many times; didn’t have the time; didn’t understand what I was meant to be doing; didn’t work for me, couldn’t stop my mind from thinking. But now I understood the three reasons why I had to meditate, there was nothing to stop me diving in head-first.

Now meditating every day and seeing the benefits of calm, clarity, vitality, focus and sleep, it was clear I needed to give up my job and teach mindfulness and meditation to help others look after their mental, emotional and physical health.

After eight years of teaching and presenting on this topic, I know it’s not a lack of desire that stops people from meditating. After all, who wouldn’t want more clarity and calm in their life? People simply don’t have the right knowledge to make it a lifetime habit. My forte is to take these esoteric concepts and explain the benefits in a way that most audiences can’t help but commit to starting the habit for themselves.

Absolutely loved your workshop and energy. Thanks for finally being the connection that will establish my new habit of daily meditation so that I can be more mindful.


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