The 40 Day Meditation Challenge

Learn How & Why We Meditate

Meditation is just a habit

But new habits are notoriously difficult to make.

It is easier if we commit to a group who support and encourage us to get the job done.

Nothing is more important than our mental health.


  • It takes 40 days to make or break a habit

  • 90 days to embed the habit

  • 120 days to be the new habit.

What’s the challenge?

Meditate (for as little as 3-minutes) every day for 40 days and create your new habit.

How does it work?

This challenge starts on Thursday 7th May and ends Monday 15th June. It is being run through Linked-In, Instagram and Facebook.

Kay will support you throughout the challenge by posting a new meditation here every week and 2 free live Zoom workshops.

Get these three things ready to start your challenge:

1. A time when you will do it

2.A place where you will do it

3. A meditation

I suggest this very potent meditation posted here for the first week. It will turn off stress, balance and calm your mind.

Put this in your diary every day for the next 40 days and start on Thursday 7th May.

This meditation will give you a calm mind and balance your emotions. Read instructions to understand why we do what we do.

Download the instructions here

Week Two

The 8-stroke breath Meditation for Energy and Stress Release.

Of all the things, you can do for stress relief, the 8-Stroke Breath for Energy and Stress Release cuts right to the chase and relieves stress fast and naturally.

Download Week Two instructions here

Week Three

Do this 26 times to sleep.

Have trouble sleeping?  Cannot switch off?  Try this very simple meditative breathing technique to help you sleep.

Download Week Three instructions here

Ready to Commit to a Peaceful Mind? The 40 Day Challenge

Thursday 7th May

until Monday 15th June

You are ready to go!

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Plus, dont miss her engaging free Zoom workshops on how and why we meditate.

Once you have heard this information you will be hooked on meditating.

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