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Discover how the skills of meditation and mindfulness provide a mental health program to keep us calm, reduce anxiety and enhance sleep during these challenging times.

Now more than ever, we need to know how to get up every morning and keep our minds and emotions under control. We need to have the skill to perpetually bring our mind back to the moment and not catastrophise about the future or commiserate about the past. It is so easy to spiral down into stress, overwhelm, anxiety and depression if we do not have a personal tool kit of skills to stop this process.

The skills of mindfulness and meditation have been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, increase focus and attention on what really matters and keep us happier human beings despite what life throws our way.

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A lively and engaging seasoned presenter, Kay approaches the topic of meditation and mindfulness with humour and pragmatism.

Kay came to meditation with no choice after finding herself her in bed unable to move thanks to chronic insomnia and extreme burnout. Finally, she learned the three reasons why we all need to meditate. Back on her feet and with more energy than ever, she was driven to share what she had learned with others. Now she presents at corporate events, workshops and courses on everything to do with mindfulness, meditation and wellbeing.

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workplace wellness programs

Workplace wellbeing programs

Happier people make for better employees and healthier workplaces. Research shows mindfulness helps to reduce stress and absenteeism, increase productivity2 and promote creativity3.

We run workshops that educate, entertain and motivate you and your staff to start new habits for better mental and physical health.

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Kay Watts is a brilliant communicator with the ability to effectively engage with small or large groups as a facilitator.


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